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Figulì all began with the Foglie which were created at Ristorante Albertini in Visnadello (Treviso). Quality, lightness and flavour: this has been the family’s philosophy since 1954.  We use just a couple of essential ingredients which are chosen for their invaluable nutritional value, like high gluten flour . We focus on quality Italian products and that is why we use Italian extra virgin olive oil and unrefined sea salt from Cervia. Then we mix them all together by hand in a fresh, different and innovative way.


Environmental friendly products, all our packaging is eco-sustainable and recyclable.







Thin, extra-Light, crisp crackers

Foglie di Visnadello

It all started at Ristorante Albertini in Visnadello, a small town in the province of Treviso.

The recipe they used for the breads and crackers they baked and served in the restaurant was altered to make them lighter and healthier, eliminating fats such as LARD; after trying out the recipe time and time again, these thin, extra-light, crisp “Foglie” crackers were created, and they were an instant hit with guests at the restaurant.

The idea was to create a tasty accompaniment to the fish carpaccio and the other very delicately flavoured fish dishes served at the restaurant, but an accompaniment that would not overwhelm them.

First they were given to customers to try at the end of the meal and then, within a very short space of time, it was the customers themselves who were asking to buy them… this is how the Foglie di Visnadello got their name.


Originally created to accompany cheese and wine, this highly versatile cracker goes well with anything.


The first in the family! With dried sesame seeds which, when baked at low temperature and lightly toasted, retain their subtle flavour.


With Sicilian oregano from the Belice Valley, Trapani.


With rosemary.


With sweet paprika and a hint of chili pepper, they are pleasantly mild: they create a warm sensation in your mouth without setting it on fire.





Yeast Free Sticks


Don’t call them breadsticks! Ramì are sticks made WITHOUT yeast so are totally different and a lot more consistent than classic “breadsticks”.








Gourmet Italian crackes


Gourmet Italian crackers with a very long proofing. One of a kind! The only ones you can spread with a topping without them breaking.
We have called them Tele because we have given you a blank canvas and now it’s up to you to fill it with delicious colour….







Enjoy them on their own for a fun, light and healthy snack.

With your meal

The perfect accompaniment to every meal.

Aperitif, finger food, appetiser

Great with cheese, cured meats and sauces, and perfect for creating, garnishing and decorating dishes.


Thanks to their subtle taste, they go well with ice-cream, jam and custards.


In between glasses of wine… thanks to their delicate, well-balanced taste, they are ideal for tastings, and not just of wine.







The most important ingredient, the heart and soul of our product, the result of ongoing research, what makes our products lighter, tastier and nutritious:


Our high gluten flour flour is darker than traditional all-purpose flour and pastry flour because it contains a higher percentage of the outer part of the wheat grain. This gives our products the flavour of bread from years gone by, when flour was less refined. But it also has benefits for our health: + FIBRES + MINERALS + PROTEINS = EASIER TO DIGEST.

And we add just a touch of malted wheat flour, just wheat malt, to make it extra special.







We promote Italian quality:

farina 1





Cervia Salt is unrefined Italian sea salt, which is just washed and centrifuged to preserve all the goodness of the minerals found in sea water.





We use just a drop of extra virgin olive oil in our dough, which is made exclusively from the best varieties of olives in Italy. That is the only fat we use.





Traditional techniques

Made by hand